About the site

We are here to provide you with the most up-to-date information on the IFAA World Ranking, WIMM and WOFMM

Why this Website?

IFAA needed a separate website for their Mail Matches.

IFAA wanted to keep it separate from the main website of IFAA.

This website is geared towards all IFAA Mail Match competitions.

Each Mail Match competition will have it’s own set of rules.

Mail Match scores will not count towards IFAA records.

Trust is placed in the IFAA Member Associations and archers honesty.

Entries only accepted on full payment.

Responsibility of scores and correctness is that of the IFAA Member Associations and archers

Scores send in after cut-off dates will not be accepted.


IFAA Mail Match Competitions

World Field Ranking Round
World 3D Ranking Round
World Indoor Mail Match
World Outdoor Flint Mail Match